Make This Day Great

It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Just make the decision to have a great day, and poof, a great day it shall be! It clearly must be much more complicated than that, right? 

I mean, you’ve got a lot of shit going on in your life, how the heck are you supposed to have a great day? 

But just hear me out. Let’s assume you can put the thoughts of the shit in your life aside, for just a few moments. Let’s assume that you really want to!

Can you do that? Can you make that decision? Because without taking your focus off of the shit, well, then your mind and your mood is going to align with the shit, your body is going to align with the shit, and your whole day is going to align with the shit. 

SO, without you agreeing to make an honest effort to take your focus off the shit and put it onto something great, something you have extreme gratitude for, something that makes you feel good, excites you, then you can’t move forward into this great day (without shit on your shoe). 

And you can’t be relying on external circumstances to be bringing something great into your day, because then you’re just a passenger waiting for something great to happen to you, but it can’t because you’re vibrating at a frequency that feels like shit and just attracting more shit and only seeing shit around you. 

Because that’s how it goes, you attract what you’re putting out there. 

So, again, coming back to that decision, that solid decision, there’s no ifs, ands or buts about it decision, to say, ok! I’m in! I’m going to make this a great day, regardless of what is going on in my life. Why? 

Because you need this day to be great. 

You deserve this day to be great. 

And guess what? You have the power to make this day great. 

Did you catch that? 


But only if you keep your focus on making this day great. Your soul purpose starting at this very moment, is to keep your focus on making this day great. Do not get side tracked. Do not let the shit seep in. Block your ears and close your eyes and sing at the top of your lungs if someone tries to put shit in front of your face or into your ears! 

Your focus is on greatness for this one day and you must REFUSE to have it any other way!  It can only be great! Meaning you refuse any shit! 

Now, when one does think about shit, their body posture is never the greatest. Shoulders tend to slump, mouth curves down, chin lowered, the diaphragm’s all squished, eyes are looking down at the feet somewhere, etc. 

But you remember what it LOOKED like to be the happy, pumped up, 

excited, stoked, confident, balls to the wall YOU, 

at least at some point before the shit became your focus, right?

Your body erect, smiling, eyes bright, shoulders back, 

chin up like you were KICKING ASS and TAKING NAMES! 

Yeah! That you! So, let’s go. Right now. 

Smile, despite the shit. In fact, laugh at the shit! 

Shoulders back, spine erect, despite the shit. Chin up to the sky, despite the shit. 

Breathe in deeply and exhale deeper! Stretch that diaphragm! 

This is your body, TOOOODAYYYY!  You won’t have it any other way. You can’t have it any other way. 

Because you made a decision, right? A commitment! To this day.

To this great, awesome day!

Remember, we are just talking about THIS day. The only day that matters. The one you are currently in. 

Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. This day. This is your body today and you commit it to behaving in this kick ass, stand up tall kinda way, and staying in this posture until your butt falls asleep tonight. 

Shoulders back. Chin freakin UP!! Capiche?!

Ok, now, how about some music? Do you like it? PLAY IT! Something freakin fun! Move your body, and if you’re at work, wiggle in your chair, tap your foot, hum, or whatever you need to do to feel the music. FEEEEL it! 

Keep your thoughts and your focus on what feels good. 

Do you like to laugh? Can you recall something really funny? Better yet, turn on the comedy channel. Find a comedian on Youtube. Call a funny friend. Make it your mission to find someone to invoke a belly laugh!  

Feel waves of happiness! It’s your birthright.   


(warning, laughing can become addicting and you may crave more) 

What else? What’s good in your life? What’s GREAT in your life?

(And DO NOT think of the shit here!) 

Are you reading this? Are you alive and breathing? So there’s THAT! 

Holy crap! You’re alive! YES! 

Scrap up every little detail in your life that’s good and blow it up 

into gigantic awesomeness in your mind! 

FEEEEL gratitude for the very breath you take. For someone you love. For your dog, cat, or goat. For a friend. For an accomplishment. For making the decision to make this day great. Feel it in your bones. Feel it on your skin. Feel it in your heart! 

And if you should cry, do so while laughing because those are joyful, 

gratitude tears, for THIS very day! 

The one you’re owning! The one you’ve committed to making great! 

With love my friends,  

        ~ Lynn   

(The Mind Body Coach)

P.S  we can talk again tomorrow, eh? 😉